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The Pleasure to be Different

Yachtcharter, Sail Cruises & Joint-Sailing from BALI

The Skipper
Reyn (64 Y.) from Germany

Sails since he was 15 yo (Alster-Elbe-Northsea-Baltic Sea and later Pacific & Indian Ocean) on may different kind of vessels from a small Sunfish, a "420" & Conger till a 45ft Norman Cross-Trimaran (Oh yes, two or three Motorboats were there too).

I bought the Trimaran in Brisbane / Australia and sailed & "testet" her extensively in the Pacific waters. Then we sailed her with small crew to Indonsia (Bali & Jakarta).
Jakarta was then the starting point for many -also longer- sailing cruises through Indonesian Waters to Komodo, Borneo and Sulawesi.

Later "Singlehand" to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. From there (with ex-wife) to Galle in south Sri Lanka and to the Maldives.
One year later back to Malaysia (Langkawi) and return to Bali / Indonesia where we settled down for about 8 years to do Charter and Cruises to Lombok, Sumbawa and Komodo.

After the Bali Bombing in Bali in 2002 we sold the Trimaran and returned for 3 (unhappy) years to Germany, but live there was not so exciting and now I’m back "HOME" in Bali (January 2008 I’ll be 28 years in Indonesia) an finally build my own "Dream-Boat", a 48ft Offshore-Catamaran especially designed for the Tropics and the warmer areas of the world.
With more then 40 years of sailing-experience and more then 70 thousand miles on the world oceans I know exactly what I want and how the boat should be to be sailed safely, but fast on the Oceans. Many Ideas could now be realized so my guest & me could enjoy many trouble-free miles in the wonderful archipelago of Indonesia!
Der Skipper


Der Trimaran

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