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The Pleasure to be Different

Cabin Charter for a Sailing Cruise from Bali to Singapur, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi


Der heilige Vulkan Gunung Agung auf Bali

Fischer mit Jukung Segelboot
Der Strand von Kuta auf Bali
romantisches Abendessen beim Sonnenuntergang
gemeinsames Segeln
Sonnenuntergang in Serangan
Balinesischer Tänzer
Steilküste von Süd-Bali
Blick auf den Gunung Agung
der schwarze Strand von Karangasem
Sonnenaufgang am Rinjani in Lombok
TanahLot Sunset

Cruiseplan for the 4-week Bali - Singapore-Cruise Oct./Nov. 2015

  • We will start around October 10th, 2015 from Bali. (Details then per eMail or by phone.)
  • We’ll start very relaxed with a daycruise to Lembongan Lisland and the next day to the Gili’s to get to know each other and establish a feeling for the boat and the crew.
  • The next day we do our first (one-day-one-night) overnight-cruise to the "Kangean Islands" where We’ll drop the anchor for the night.
  • After that we do a long leg (around one week) across the Java-Sea toward South-Borneo (South-Kalimantan) and the "Camp Leakey", at a sidearm of the Sekonyer-River at the Tanjung Puting Nationalpark and the "Project Orang Utans needs Help" and a visit at the rescue Station Pasir Panjang.
    "Camp Leakey" was established 1971 by the Canadian researcher Biruté M. Galdikas.
  • From there on we are doing a bit of "Island-Hopping" (or also some longer legs) along the Westcoast of Borneo heading North towards the "Karimata- und Tambilan-Islands".
  • The last Cruise will bring us then via Bintan & Batam to "Singapur" where we’ll either enter the "Raffles Marina" or anchor at the "Changi Sailing Club".


Availability Calendar


East Bali Sunrise

Cruiseplan for the approx. 7-Day Cruise Singapore - Kuala Lumpur (Port Kelang)

  • We plan to start around December 10th, 2015 from Singapore. (Details then per eMail or by phone.)

We’ll try to do mostly day-cruises and anchor at night close to the Malaysian Mainland and Islands,
but "can’t probably avoid" the one or other Night-Cruise ;-).

  • We’ll sail northwards at the Malaka Strait along the Malaysian Coastline and pass Malaka and Port Dickson direct to Port Kelang.
    If the time allows, we’ll also visit some nice places at the Lumut River.


Törnplan - Kalender



Jimbaran Sunset Cruiseplan for the approx. 7-Day Cruise Port Kelang-Langkawi
  • We’ll leave Port Kelang around December 20th (details then per eMail or by phone).
  • The Cruise is going furhter North along the Coastline of Malaysia.
  • As alrready practisedon the leg from Singapore to KL we’ll try to sail over daytime and anchor at night, but might have to do some 2-days/1-night-cruises too.
  • Our first destination will be the Penang Island with the wonderfull old chinese town Georgetown. Anchorage there is very poor and a bit tricky, but we'll try to stay there at least for a night.
  • The next day we’ll sail direct to our final destination Langkawi where we’ll drop our Anchor at the save Kuah Bay. From Langkawi are many ferries to the Mainland, Penang and Thailand and cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok or Phuket are available.
Cruiseplan & Calendar

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Zully and Reinhold on Board Sundowner
  • Summary

Our vision at SUNDOWNER is to make every charter and cruise a wonderful, memorable, adventurous and safe experience for each of our guest. We don’t view you as just a passenger but rather as our crew or friend on board. Your charter provides you with the opportunity to do as much or as little as you can when it comes to the sailing and handling the boat you can sail yourself, we can teach you to sail, and you do as much of the cooking & cleaning & navigation as everybody else. At all times, safety is our top priority.
Between departure harbour and destination there are, beautiful Bays with great anchorage and small local restaurants, some shopping facilities and some local highlights.
If we stay another day at a wonderful anchorage or sail on to the next piece of paradise will be decided by the crew & the guest on the spot and as per weather conditions.


Master -Cabin: (twin share) 90 USD per person per day

Forward-Cabin: (twin share) 70 USD per person per day

Twinbed-Cabin: (twin share) 50 USD per person per day

Rates & Dates are subject to change!

We thank you very much to review out pages and hope to sail very soon with you on board our Bali-Cat 48 "SUNDOWNER".


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